How to Manage Finances So It's Not Wasteful, Let's Save!

Are you a wasteful person? How to overcome extravagance every month so that you can manage your finances correctly?

If you often feel extravagant every month, then this article is perfect for finding out how to avoid being extravagant. You can put the following tips into practice right away!

How to Manage Finances to Save?

For millennials, today's lifestyle often requires them to be more consumptive. In fact, if we raise a lifestyle, we can not achieve the desired financial goals.

Then, how can we avoid wasteful habits? Just before the Lebaran holiday yesterday, a prospective client told how happy he was to get THR for the first time.

The prospective client, call him Hani, began to buy all the necessities to welcome Eid.

Starting from the clothes, pants and shoes that have been coveted since the goods were displayed in the store.

As Eid approached, Hani's mother asked to buy ingredients to make opor, rendang, ketupat and other Eid specialties.

Hani agreed and immediately bought what her mother needed. Not to forget, Hani set aside her THR money for zakat fitrah. The day of Eid arrived, Hani's relatives also came to the prospective client's house.

Hani did not forget to give her THR to be distributed to her nephew who had finished fasting. After Eid celebrations, Hani intends to see his savings.

He was surprised when he saw that his savings balance had returned to fitri or let's call it the balance it was not like when he received the THR where when he got the THR, 8 digit numbers could be displayed until only 5 to 6 digits were displayed.

Hani was surprised by such an incident, and she also asked if it was natural to be extravagant on Eid? Of course it is not natural, in any month, wasteful is not natural.

Tips for Managing Finances to Save

To these prospective clients, I give the same tips on how to deal with the extravagance that all of us should be able to avoid. Let's look at the following tips.

#1 Making a Financial Budget

Like the case of Hani, as a new employee, let alone still living alone, sometimes does not get used to writing financial budgets. Because, the financial budget is not so important for new employees.

They tend to ignore this until they feel that they have been wasteful when they look at their accounts at the end of the month.

In fact, making a budget is an important first step to avoid being wasteful.

A financial budget has several objectives, such as the following:

1. To avoid debt
2. In order to avoid unexpected costs
3. So that you can get a credit rating from a good bank
4. So that it can make it easier for us to get a mortgage or automotive loan
5. So that you can find out which areas of your financial budget can be saved
6. To find out if our finances are in a good position to save for a vacation, a new car, or other entertainment.

After we realize how important the financial budget is, then the next question is what is the content of the budget?

A financial budget usually consists of expenses that are fixed each month, such as household bills, daily living expenses, financial products (insurance), family and friends (gifts), transportation and entertainment (vacations, sports, restaurants, and others). ).

If you can determine what the contents of your financial budget are, start making it on paper, laptop or cellphone.